Leah-Louise . Manchester . Twenty-Two
STN . Psychiatry . Healthcare worker

I have a daughter named Alexandra who is four and a son called Brandon who half a year old.

I like to play cook, browse vintage stores, play xbox and blog. I also have a pretty bad Netflix addiction.

I'm In love with all things burlesque, pin-up and vintage, furthermore I have an obsession with bright hair, tattoos and piercings.

Most the images i source are from weheartit, none of them are my own unless I say so. I don't go trawling the internet for origional sources, so if it's yours then tell me otherwise get over it.

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Playing rock band, I think she’s all pooped out!

Love the fact that no one even talks to me anymore :(

July 28th, 2014 • 21 notes


this look is so good



She reminds me of Amanda Seyfried

Really? Aha, that’s a new one!

I got another Totoro birthday cake, but this time I turned 22 as opposed to 21. The little cap is to commemorate the fact that I graduated from college this semester. 

Photo by: poeticsky

Feeling better 👍