Leah-Louise . Manchester . Twenty-Two
STN . Psychiatry . Healthcare worker

I have a daughter named Alexandra who is four and a son called Brandon who half a year old.

I like to play cook, browse vintage stores, play xbox and blog. I also have a pretty bad Netflix addiction.

I'm In love with all things burlesque, pin-up and vintage, furthermore I have an obsession with bright hair, tattoos and piercings.

Most the images i source are from weheartit, none of them are my own unless I say so. I don't go trawling the internet for origional sources, so if it's yours then tell me otherwise get over it.

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Bored have my butt.

Natalie Wood in Gypsy, 1962.

So tomorrow I finish my job on the ward. If I think about when I started, I have learnt SO much but I think I’ve also become a little hardened when listening to suicidal ideations. However, I think, it’s made me a better nurse. I’ve been able to keep my clients safe and none of have completed suicide upon discharge (but it’ll happen one day, let’s be realistic)
The person I cherish and will miss the most is the consultant psychiatrist, he has opened my eyes in the world of diagnosis and treatment. These are the foundations for the rest of my career and I’ve gotten a better head start than most.
I’m going to miss the staff so much, but I’m moving to a new job with th learning disability team for new challenges.

August 26th, 2014 • 6 notes

last night was bad but i looked good

How do you get to be this gorgeous

Bath times

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